Your First Consultation: What to Ask Your NY Plastic Surgeon

26 Feb 2014

Your First Consultation: What to Ask Your NY Plastic Surgeon

Finally taking the step from online searches to your first consultation? It is common that the excitement and/or nervousness we feel during the first consultation makes us forget what we should be asking when we finally sit down with a doctor. Mommy Makeover New York wants to provide you with the questions you should be asking during your first consultation. NYC’s Dr. Douglas Steinbrech provides his patients with answers to the following questions during his consultations:

  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

After most likely doing some research at home, you have probably targeted the procedures you think will best treat your problem areas. However, the doctor will provide you with his expertise as to if the procedure(s) you seek are best for you. The doctor will also make sure you are in good health and ask you other health related questions to make sure you are a good candidate.

  • What will be expected of me to get the best results?

To get the best results possible from your procedure, often times a surgeon will provide you with what you can do. Maybe brisk exercise post-recovery time, massaging the breasts after a breast augmentation and/or a change in diet after a tummy-tuck may be recommended by the doctor.

  • How will you perform my procedure?

Cosmetic surgery procedures are not all performed alike. A surgeon may use different techniques depending on the patient’s needs and/or unique body type, to use the least invasive route, or because they have developed an expertise with a certain technique. Asking how your procedure will be performed is an important question.

  • What surgical technique is recommended for me?

You may have a specific technique in mind when going into your consultation, for example, you may want your incision for breast augmentation to be under the armpit. However, a benefit of seeking an experienced plastic surgeon is also receiving knowledge recommendations.

  • How long will my recovery period be, and what can I expect?

Making sure you clearly understand the recovery process is something you should ask during your consultation. Arranging a few days off of work, knowing when you can resume regular activities and other such questions are helpful to ask.

  • What kind of help will I need, if any, during my recovery?

A surgeon may recommend having the care and supervision of a friend or family member when leaving the surgery center. This information will help you plan ahead for your surgery date.

  • What results are reasonable for me?

When researching cosmetic surgeries, thousands of before and after photos are sure to be found, but it’s important to remember everyone is different. Looking specifically at the before and after photos of the plastic surgeon you are consulting with can give you a greater idea of their specific work, also bringing along photos of your desired results can offer more insight.


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