Top 3 Procedures for Mommy Makeover

Top 3 Procedures for Mommy Makeover

Having children is a beautiful thing – you witness the miracle of a small embryo becoming a person. However, the process of childbirth can bring numerous changes to a woman’s body. Some of the weight gain can transform and distress your entire body. You can control the structure of your body during (and after) pregnancy via working out and weight gain control. However, most often, the changes your body goes through are difficult, and almost impossible, to reverse with exercise and diet alone. Thanks to modern day plastic surgery you now have Mommy Makeover.  Call it the procedure aimed to recover your original body.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, otherwise known as abdominoplasty, is one of the most popular procedures of the Mommy Makeover. After the delivery, the skin around the abdomen does shrink, and tighten, but does not go back to the original condition. When adequate shrinkage has not taken place, skin around the tummy drags downwards – it can also develop stretch marks. In addition, most often, women will have excess fat under the flank and tummy area. During abdominoplasty, an incision will be made along the stomach. The underlying muscles, and loose skin, are structured and tightened in place.

The benefits that follow abdominalplasty are surmountable. This procedure shrinks the waistline. It also removes a surplus of fat, and skin, on the stomach. Weak abdominal muscles are tightened and toned. Stretch marks are also improved. Overall, a tummy tuck produces a flat abdomen that’s both slender and sculpted. A sculpted physique will make you look fabulous and fit.

Breast Augmentation

After the cessation of breast-feeding, the mammary gland sags down on the chest wall and becomes smaller. The shrinking, of the breast gland, is known as atrophying. Breast augmentations are often used to restore the cleavage, and fullness, of breasts after the atrophy phase. Breast augmentation with silicone or saline can be used to pump up the size of your bust. A lifting procedure will take care of the asymmetry and droopiness.

A lot of women worry about the proportional aspect of their breasts. One of the benefits of getting breast augmentation is the sculpting of a larger breast size – this enhanced size creates more firmness and compliments the rest of a woman’s physique. The other is that breast implants give great self-confidence and a more youthful look. Breasts will have less wrinkles and stretch marks – the procedure also fades signs of deterioration due to breast-feeding and childbirth.


There are a variety of liposuction treatments: ultrasonic, tumescent liposuction and laser. Liposuction is a great addition to the Mommy Makeover – it can be used get rid of that stubborn fat that’s usually manifested above the waist area. This is often called flank fat or “muffin top”. It’s one of the more difficult places to shed weight. Even more frustrating is when you’re trying to wear midriff baring clothing!

Plastic surgeons use liposuction for direct target of a patient’s problem area(s). First, a small incision is created. Then, a hollow, stainless steel, tube, is inserted under the skin. During the liposuction procedure, the Dr. may use heat (or injections) to break up fat cells. The breaking up of fat cells will allow for an easier removal via the tube like suction device (also known as the cannula).

One of the many benefits of liposuction is the rapid result. The new found quick results then inspire an embracing of dieting and weight loss opportunities for many mothers. Mother’s who desire the enhancement of self-image will benefit by achieving beautiful body contour and body reshaping with liposuction. Loss of excessive fatty tissue and fat, through liposuction, is a benefit that can be maintained with a proper diet and workout routine.