The Problems Caused by Large Breasts – Why a Breast Reduction May Help

14 Mar 2016

The Problems Caused by Large Breasts – Why a Breast Reduction May Help

shutterstock_107984252Do you suffer quite a bit from back pain? Maybe you need to ease some of the weight you are carrying on the front. Large breasts, if they cause physical issues, can be reduced through surgery. Large breasts can also lead to psychological distress, especially if they are impacting your ability to exercise or your physical health overall. If common health conditions include backache, shoulder ache or neck pain, then the size of your breasts are probably the source.


Breast reduction surgery can also help balance out a woman’s appearance, especially if the breasts are out of proportion with the rest of the body. A woman who is “top-heavy” may feel under-confident as she is more subject to comments that are inappropriate.

Reasons for the Surgery

If you are experiencing any health issues or problems below, then it won’t hurt to obtain information on breast reduction surgery.

  • Neck, shoulder or back pain
  • Infections beneath the breasts
  • Skin problems or irritations
  • Excessive sweating or rashes
  • Poor posture
  • Sores on the shoulders, made from the straps or your bra
  • Psychological upset
  • Discomfort about taking part in sports or physical pursuits
  • Difficulty in finding properly fitting clothes

When you choose breast reduction surgery, the goal is to obtain shapelier and smaller breasts that fit in nicely with your overall appearance. If you are 18 or older and have realistic expectations about the procedure, then you are a good candidate if you are in good health.

Are You a Healthy Weight?

In order to go forward with the process, you need to schedule an initial consultation. Your overall health and the shape and size of your breasts will be deciding factors in how to proceed with the surgery. The doctor will also look at your weight. Before any breast reduction surgery takes place, it is helpful to maintain a weight that is healthy. If you gain weight before the procedure, your breasts may also increase in size.

Therefore, if you want to go ahead with a breast reduction procedure, it is best to be following a diet plan that is nutritious and healthy. You should also be engaged in a regular exercise program, such as walking. If you are already accustomed to this kind of routine, then the procedure can be facilitated without any difficulties pursuant to or following the surgery.

Reaping the Benefits

Therefore, it is essential that you understand the risks and what to expect during and after surgery. Usually, breast reduction patients recover quickly from the procedure and experience a new-found freedom afterwards. No more neck pain, shoulder indentations or back pain. They also experience fewer migraines. They sleep better, exercise more easily and breathe better too.

If the remaining breast tissue does not maintain adequate circulation, some problems with healing can occur. The major risks associated with healing issues including diabetes, a very large breast size or smoking. However, that being said, a breast reduction procedure normally has a high rate of patient satisfaction. If you feel you could benefit from the procedure, schedule a consultation today.

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