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13 Nov 2015

Tummy Tuck: Why Do Mums Want It This Christmas?

Get back your pre-pregnancy youthful figure with tummy tuck. (Image courtesy John on Flickr via CC BY 2.0 Generic)

Get back your pre-pregnancy youthful figure with tummy tuck. (Image courtesy John on Flickr via CC BY 2.0 Generic)

What do mommies want most this Christmas? A tummy tuck, and not electrical appliances, designer handbags, or a cruise vacation. That’s because mommies want to get back their pre-pregnancy tummies and rock in their LBDs this coming party season. Pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on a woman’s body; the rapid weight gain and weight loss during these periods show up as loose muscles and sagging skin. A tummy tuck is a minimally-invasive procedure that helps mommies regain their youthful and toned pre-baby figures.

Why Do Mommies Need Tummy Tuck?

During pregnancy, the muscles in the abdominal region are stretched to accommodate the growing baby. But often, these muscles do not contract afterwards and instead, take on a flaccid appearance. During pregnancy, mommies-to-be gain weight and the skin on their abdomens stretch to accommodate their larger muscles and the growing baby. Although many mothers shed this weight after delivering the baby, their abdominal skin loses elasticity and becomes loose and drooping.

Exercise and dieting usually cannot reverse these issues. A tummy tuck is the answer to limpid abdominal muscles and sagging skin.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

During a tummy tuck, the surgeon makes an incision running across the hips and just near the bikini line to lessen the appearance of the scar. He also makes another incision around the belly button. Through these incisions, the surgeon realigns the muscles, sucks out fat tissues, and pulls down the loose folds of skin to create a tauter appearance. The procedure takes around two hours to complete.

A mini tummy tuck procedure is recommended for mommies who have fewer pockets of pregnancy fat in their abdominal regions. During a mini tummy tuck, no cut is made around the belly button and the incision near the bikini line is also smaller.

What to Expect During the Tummy Tuck Recovery Period

Like any other surgical procedure, a tummy tuck too has side effects like mild pain, swelling, and bruising. You will have to wear a binder for a few weeks after the surgery to aid the healing process. If you work out regularly, you will have a speedier recovery. The results of the tummy tuck are visible right after the surgery. The toned look improves gradually as the swelling subsides.

Why is Tummy Tuck Ideal for Mommies?

Mommies have a lot on their plates. Whether you have a little baby or school-going kids to take care of, you are always short on time. You cannot spend hours working out. Nor can you experiment with diets and then risk crashing out. But you want to look good too. A tummy tuck lets you get back your pre-baby youthful and toned look without needing to take time out from your busy-mum schedule.

Being a mum is the most glorious experience in a woman’s life. Don’t let a sagging tummy take away from your looks and mar the joys of motherhood. Make sure that you fit in a tummy tuck when you create a wish-list for Santa Claus. He will be delighted to grant you your wish because you deserve this gift for being the caring and hard-working mommy that you are!

21 Sep 2015

September is Mommy Makeover Month

Mommy Makeover with Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck

When they are in school, it is time for a mommy makeover. Image courtesy Donnie Ray Jones on Flickr via CC BY 2.0

September is Back to School Month; why not also make it a Mommy Makeover Month? When the kids are back in school, you can use the time on your hands to go in for a tummy tuck surgery to get rid of the post-baby pouch that sticks out through your tees and dresses or a breast augmentation procedure to banish the post-baby droopy boobs. It is hard to imagine that pregnancy, the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life, can also ravage her body. Post-pregnancy paunches and sagging breasts take away from the beauty and attractiveness of the mommy and rob her confidence. You deserve the best mommy makeover as a reward for being the loving, caring, and hard-working mummy that you are.

What is Breast Augmentation?

The blossoming body of the mommy-to-be, unfortunately, gives way to smaller, misshapen, and drooping breasts post pregnancy. Breast augmentation helps mommies regain the firmer and youthful breasts of their pre-pregnancy days. After breast augmentation, women can expect more attractive bust-lines and increased confidence to rock in any dress they want to wear.

Breast augmentation recovery time is short. The bandages go off within a few days after the surgery, and you can expect to return to work soon afterwards. Breast augmentation scars too fade away over time. But if you are not convinced, take a look at some breast augmentation before-and-after photos.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

You have nurtured a life for nine months and your stomach is now showing the signs of the stress it has gone through during this time. Post-baby pouch, folds of fat in the abdominal region, loose muscles, and sagging skin are some complaints that a tummy tuck procedure can fix. During the procedure, excess and stubborn fat is removed, sagging muscles are realigned, and loose folds of skin are tightened.

Browse through some tummy tuck before-and-after photos. When performed by a skillful surgeon, tummy tuck results are impressive—a flatter stomach, stronger and more well-defined abdominal muscles, firmer skin, and barely-there tummy tuck scars.

This procedure is safe and tummy tuck recovery time is short. But if you want to know more, consult your plastic surgeon. He can answer common questions like what is the cost of tummy tuck, should you opt for tummy tuck after weight loss, and if pregnancy after tummy tuck is possible or desirable.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Usually pregnancy brings on a multitude of body image issues that dieting and exercising cannot resolve on their own. Besides, busy mums cannot afford to go on restrictive diets that sap energy or spend hours working out. A mommy makeover surgery, which comprises breast augmentation and a tummy tuck procedure, corrects a host of problems all at once and gives them the chance to regain their pre-pregnancy youthful and toned figure without exerting too much. Mommy makeover recovery time is short and you can return to your active life within a few weeks.

Going in for a mommy makeover, New York women say, has let them enjoy the gift of motherhood without being ashamed of their bodies. By banishing unwanted fat and re-sculpting sagging muscles, mommies can get back their pre-baby figures without strain and hassles. Whether you go in for breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, or both make sure that you consult the best mommy makeover surgeon who can guarantee safe and impressive results that you would be proud to show off.

This September, it is time to be a new you!

21 Apr 2015

To Tuck, Or Not To Tuck in NYC?


Tummy tucks are, without a doubt, one of the most popular procedures that new mothers request, and for good reason. New moms are often shocked at how their skin sags, how the shape of their bodies changed after a baby, and it can be overwhelming to see the drastic, often unsightly changes that take place during and after baby. In many cases, new moms are thrilled with their baby, but can’t stand to look in the mirror because of the flabbiness of their once-toned tummy.

The emotional impact of seeing those dramatic body changes can be great, and it’s one of the reasons why so many new moms scramble for gym passes and request information on special diets that are tailored to their needs. While diet and exercise can provide results for most moms, the truth of the matter is that many new moms still end up being frustrated by their tummies. It’s not uncommon for diet and exercise to be somewhat useless against stubborn fat from life as a new mom, nor is it uncommon for moms to have excess skin. When this happens, a tummy tuck is often the best way to get your pre-baby body back.

Though many new moms want a tummy tuck as soon as possible, tummy tucks are often most effective to women who have these characteristics.

  • They are close to their ideal weight. Tummy tucks can be done on women who are overweight, but that doesn’t mean it will look good. Being close to your ideal weight means that you will get a more natural and also more striking look.
  • You’re done having kids. This isn’t mandatory, but generally, if you have a tummy tuck then have yet another child, you’ll end up having to get a 2nd This in itself is not a bad thing as much as it is an inconvenience to the mom.
  • You have already tried “old school” weight loss techniques. Plastic surgery is still expensive and a risky endeavor. Make sure that you have tried to lose weight the old fashioned way. A tummy tuck is still no replacement for exercise.

A quick consultation with a good doctor and the right surgeon will be able to tell you whether or not a tummy tuck will be the best choice for you. If you are a good candidate for a tuck, you’ll then have to see whether an invasive tummy tuck or a body contouring procedure would be better. Either way, having the right procedure done will result in you being able to flaunt a taut tummy without having to feel embarrassed or afraid anymore.

Unsurprisingly, spring is the most common season when tummy tuck consultations are scheduled – and understandably so. With summer and the warmer months of spring just around the corner, it’s absolutely crucial to ensure that you get your tummy tuck before it’s time to bare your midriff. Most tummy tucks need to be scheduled weeks or even months in advance, which is why it’s so important to call a licensed plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Tummy Tuck Consultations in NYC

Dr. Steinbrech looks forward to helping you understand everything about the Tummy Tuck procedure for his NYC patients. To get started, please request a consultation by filling out the form to receive more information. Dr. Steinbrech will go over step by step techniques and treatment plans upon your assessment that will lead to your improved appearance and newly found confidence.

29 Sep 2014

Tummy Tuck Guide


Dr. Douglas Steinbrech and his team at have put together an informative guide on tummy tuck surgery for female patients who are looking to get this procedure. A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat to make the abdomen more firm and lean in appearance. This procedure provides women with a boost in their self esteem and more confidence in the way they carry themselves along with a positive body image. Women who are interested in getting this procedure done may not know where to begin and may have many questions. There are many details and information that will guide you on your path to achieving the looks you desire.

Click here to view the Tummy Tuck Guide for NYC Patients.


28 Jul 2014

Getting A Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy

tummy-tuck-after-pregnancy-NYCMothers around the New York City area have experienced post-baby physical issues. Some may find that is highly difficult to acquire their pre-baby body, especially in the tummy area. Some mothers are lucky and bounce back to tip top shape and flat tummy’s while other new mothers have tried exercising, dieting and still don’t have the desired results.

Even mothers who were athletic before their pregnancy who were in perfect, lean physical shape can experience difficulties in regaining their athletic appearance. One of the most common post-pregnancy issues is called diastasis recti. This is when someone experiences separated abdominal muscles after pregnancy. It does not cause pain, but it does result in the tummy bowing outwards, frequently resembling the look of being a few months pregnant, even though you have already given birth.

A tummy tuck is a common procedure that many NYC patients inquire about. Experiencing a tummy tuck involves a high level of discomfort and a recuperation period. It is wise to arrange 24 hour child care previous to your tummy tuck. There is a variety of tummy tuck procedures but the traditional and most common tummy tuck procedure includes a horizontal cut between the pubic bone and the navel. The incision can be just a few inches or can be the length of the abdomen. It depends on the situation and what is best suited for each individual patient. The skin is then pulled back, excess fat is removed, the abdominal muscles are repaired if necessary, the skin flap is stretched and pulled tightly, a new hole for the belly button is created and any excess skin is then cut away.

Since there is a high level of discomfort after the procedure, doctors prescribe pain medication to help ease the pain. It takes 10 to 14 days before you can do regular activities. You will not be able to drive due to being on pain meds for the first week or so. Also during the first week after surgery a tube is placed to drain excess fluid and blood. Swelling from the tummy tuck lessens in about a month, but it can take up to six months to completely dissolve.

Since you are a mother and most likely have a busy schedule, it is highly recommended to ask family and friends for help and support until you fully heal from the tummy tuck procedure. Expect to be in bed resting and not able to drive for up to two weeks. This means you will need to do preparations for your children and family, plus request time off of work. You will also need someone to help care for you, cook your meals and assist with removing the drain bag that has accumulated the excess fluid and blood during your recovery.

While there is pain involved with the tummy tuck procedure, a two week recovery time and a good six months until you see the true final result, NYC patients are frequently happy with the final results and feel more confident that they did with their pre-pregnancy body.

12 May 2014

Dr. Steinbrech Discusses Tummy Tuck Requests With The New York Times.

Dr Steinbrech recently discussed the high demand of celebrity-like tummy tucks by female patients.

And in New York City, Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech, an owner of Gotham Plastic Surgery, said at least one female patient a day brings in pictures of celebrities in crops to show him her ideal middles.

Read all about it here at The New York Times website.