Patient Information

International Patients

Dr. Steinbrech is devoted to being the best plastic surgeon specializing in mommy makeovers in New York. This enthusiasm and expertise is what our patients love to see and experience. His dedication to the field of plastic surgery and mommy makeovers even attracts international clients. His treatment and care doesn’t stop at the office, as we also assist patients from home and abroad with their travel arrangements to make their entire experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. For the past 10 years, we’ve had patients from around the world come to Dr. Steinbrech seeking his renowned plastic surgery skill and quality patient care.

For those patients coming from national or international locations, our New York office is conveniently located 35 minutes or less from the following airports.

John F. Kennedy International Airport
La Guardia National Airport
Newark International Airport
Teterboro private airport

New York is a big city but don’t fear because we also understand you may not be familiar with the area. Dr. Steinbrech and his staff are happy to assist you with making lodging arrangements in the city. Dr. Steinbrech has close associations with multiple local hotels that are very comfortable recovery locations to help you recover as quickly and enjoyable as possible.

Transportation is also a necessary to get you to and from our office. We have great suggestions for transportation services other than taxis, which may not be able to accommodate your needs. Moving after surgery is a delicate process and should be done carefully by courteous drivers. Our recommended transportation will be able to better assist clients with the best service possible. Our patient coordinators are available to help you with your needs. They are available to answer any questions you may have about your trip, recovery place, or anything else outside our office. For more information on your traveling arrangements, don’t hesitate to call our office.

Visitor Information

Dr. Steinbrech works carefully to provide the highest quality service to all his patients. His renowned expertise and professionalism has driven individuals form all parts of the United States to visit our office. Patients come from close by states like New Jersey and Connecticut to states on the west coast such as California. Our entire staff is committed to making your visit as pleasing as possible from the moment you arrive for a consultation, all the way through your recovery.

The first step of plastic surgery always begins with a consultation. We understand flying to New York just to talk may be a little extreme for many potential patients. Dr. Steinbrech will often do consultations via Skype to save you from having to make the trip. He usually requests patients send photos to give him a better understanding of the kind of person he will be working on. If you decide to move forward with us, more detailed information will be sent to you, including pricing information. If you choose to travel to our office for your consultation, we are happy and willing to assist you in making your travel arrangements to ease the process.

Our office is located close to multiple airports:

20 minutes south of John F. Kennedy International Airport
15 minutes from La Guardia National Airport
35 minutes from Newark International Airport
15 minutes from Teterboro private airport

Some of New York’s finest hotels are located near our office, these include:

The Four Seasons
The Carlyle Hotel
The Mark Hotel
The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
The W Hotel
The St. Regis Hotel
The Regency Hotel
The Pierre Hotel
The Plaza Hotel

For more complete information regarding information on your consultation, check out our guide or contact our office.

Forms & Financing

Individuals seeking financing should refer to Care Credit or Alphaeon Credit, credit lines available to patients seeking cosmetic surgery. Visit their websites for more information.

Post Op Care

Regardless of the plastic surgery operation you receive, you can expect a certain amount of downtime to recover. During this time it is very important to rest and refrain from any type of strenuous activity. Post-surgery recovery time is a very important part of the entire process of plastic surgery and ignoring this step can have significant impacts on how well your body responds to the operation. Dr. Steinbrech and his staff will assist in helping you get back to your normal activities as quickly as possible.

Each procedure is different and post-surgery recovery may require different steps but there are some general things people can expect.

There is almost always some kind of swelling and bruising present after an operation. This can be somewhat of a surprising look but it is common and will slowly go away if the patient takes the proper steps. How much swelling and bruising is present is different for each patient.
Expect to be immobile immediately following surgery. Dr. Steinbrech and his staff can help you make arrangements for your recovery so if you do not have someone to drive you home or to your recovery location, we can help you. Do not drive while on medication and only do so until you are well and able.
Do not resume exercise or other strenuous activities until you are cleared to do so. Movements should be very mild.
Depending on the surgery performed, you may be asked to stay for a short period of time for monitoring.
It is wise to schedule your operation in accordance with your work schedule to help you miss as little as possible. There is a high chance you will miss work and patients must be aware.

The most important part of post-surgery recovery is closely following each step Dr. Steinbrech lays out for you. This will help you be satisfied with your cosmetic surgery operation and help you get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.