Mother May Know Best . . . But We Know Mothers

3 Feb 2016

Mother May Know Best . . . But We Know Mothers

The Top Most Requested Procedures’ Breakdown to Kick-start a Mommy Makeover!



Motherhood is a challenging albeit an exciting time – filled with a host of brand new joys, concerns and experiences. One thing that a mother should never worry about is how she looks. Like many mothers in New York and across the U.S., you probably devote so much time to being a mother that you have little time to take care of yourself. That is why a Mommy Makeover Procedure package is especially beneficial to a woman. It can give her the self-esteem she desires, whether she has just delivered or has previously given birth.

Popular Makeover Procedures

Although motherhood is rewarding, it also takes quite a toll on a woman’s body. Not only can you be the recipient of stretch marks, you can also accumulate excess fat, especially in the thighs and abdomen. Therefore, Mommy Makeovers often consist of such body contouring processes as breast augmentation, tummy tucks (for getting rid of fat or stretch marks) and liposuction surgery. CoolSculpting is also another non-invasive method that is used. The process freezes fat cells so they will not return.

Tummy Tucks and Breast Lifts – The #1 Surgery Picks among New Mothers

One of the most requested procedures made by new mothers is tummy tuck surgery. Along with this Mommy Makeover is also the breast lift or breast augmentation surgery. At one time, Mommy Makeovers may have meant getting a facial and splurging on high heels. However, now breast lifts and tummy tucks receive the first billing when it comes to makeovers of this kind.

In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, just over 60% of mothers did not think cost was a problem, especially when considering such procedures as breast augmentation surgery, a breast lift or tummy tuck surgery. That is approximately over 1/3 of the respondents. The same report showed that younger Moms are choosing the procedures more than older Moms as well.

No More Procrastination – The Time for a Makeover is Now

About ten years ago, women 50 and older chose to go the Mommy Makeover route. Now women in their 30’s have taken over the demographic of this kind of candidate. Women, today, do not want to wait years to re-establish their desired look.

Is it really a surprise? After all, whenever you turn on the television or pick up a magazine, you cannot help but see at least one group of pictures that showcases models and celebs in bikinis just after they became moms. Not only do young mothers want to have better bods, they are willing to do what it takes to keep pace with the women who are on the A-list of bikini-clad mom celebrities.

Mothers today, too, are not just interested in re-sculpting their bodies. They also are interested in such procedures as brow lifts or blepharoplasty. Some are opting for mini face-lifts too – any type of surgery that will improve how they look and add to their beauty and quality of life. If you want to look your best throughout your life, then a Mommy Makeover is where you want to begin.

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