Mom’s Summer Ready Beach Body in NYC

27 Apr 2015

Mom’s Summer Ready Beach Body in NYC

A beautiful beach body is the best thing to have when the hot weather hits and bikinis come out. Unfortunately for new moms, getting their pre-baby body back into bikini shape can be an endeavor that may prove to be too hard to do on their own. Between stretch marks, “jelly” belly, loose skin and other similar issues, just regular diet and exercise might not be enough to make it all better. The good news is that with the help of the right doctor, moms can have a bikini-ready body they’ll love by June!

If you’re wondering what a full mommy makeover can do, check out some of the most common procedures involved in it!

  • Tummy tucks allow you to get the taut, beautiful tummy you had pre-baby. Sick of the jelly belly effect? Tired of all that loose skin? A tummy tuck is the cure that you’re looking for. Tummy tucks focus on helping skin and muscle tone look (and feel) just as tight as your pre-baby body was. In some cases, tummy tucks can also remove the problem of “mommy bulges” that happen post-baby.
  • Breast lifts and implants can help you get your pre-baby bra size and shape back. Perky breasts that look just like how your own used to, can be achieved through the right procedures. If you’re stuck with saggy, droopy, oversized breasts, feel reassured about the fact that you don’t have to worry about that for too long if you decide to get a mommy makeover.
  • In rarer cases, mommy makeovers may include breast reduction. It’s true! Some women never have their breasts shrink after the breastfeeding stage. For some, it’s a blessing, but for others, it’s a curse. Large breasts may lead to ongoing back pain and other discomforts. Ladies who want to get their breasts reduced to their pre-baby size will love the results of a mommy makeover that includes a breast reduction.
  • Liposuction will give you a slimmer figure. Baby weight is notoriously hard to get rid of. In most cases, women who just had their little one often find that fat sticks a little harder around the hip area and stomach region. A little liposuction can go a long way when it comes to getting the right slender figure and losing fat in trouble zones.

While not every mom needs a tummy tuck to get a beach ready body, most new moms will find that a mommy makeover will boost their self-esteem, help them feel like themselves again, and also make it easier to prep for summer’s wardrobe demands. The sooner you book a consultation, the sooner you can get that beautiful swimsuit body you’ve been hoping for!

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