Mommy Arms in NYC

23 Jul 2015

Mommy Arms in NYC

You would think picking up your children would solve this problem, right mommies?

There are some areas of excess skin and fat that resists all efforts of diet and exercise.  This can be extremely frustrating when working hard to achieve specific fitness and beauty goals that over time begin to seem unattainable.

We have experienced patients that have achieved their extreme weight loss goals, yet still feel unhappy about their bodies due to stubborn, excess skin. Other patients have complained that with age, they have noticed a significant change in their skin’s elasticity, leaving them with unattractive sagging skin.

A very common area on the body in which this occurs is the arm.  In the past 10 years procedures to reshape and lift the arm known as a brachioplasty have been in high demand. Back in the day this was not as popular of a procedure due to the scarring and downtime required, but with new modern methods of fat removal and skin tightening technology combined with scar management treatments, patients are receiving phenomenal results from a brachioplasty with less downtime and minimal scarring.

An arm lift will reduce the excess skin and fat on the upper arm and reshape it to make it look natural and more toned.  Dr. Steinbrech will offer you the insight to the best technique, treatment or procedure that is best for you. Going into a procedure with realistic expectations and an experienced professional will allow you to receive optimal results.

Arm lift procedures are most effective to those who have reached their overall target goal weight but are struggling to lose or tighten additional stubborn excess skin. This is Not for someone who falls under the category of being obese. This procedure is recommended for patients who are in good overall health with no existing medical conditions that could interfere with their procedure and those who do not smoke.

The entire procedure takes about two hours to perform, and patients are able to return home within that same day. General anesthesia or IV sedation is typically required. During a brachioplasty procedure, the incision is usually placed on the inside of the upper arm in between the elbow and the underarm. By placing the incision on the inside of the arm in the bicep muscle, the appearance of a potential scar is minimalized. The incision size will depend on the amount of skin and fat that needs to be removed.

Patients are able to return back to work and their everyday activities within a week. A compression garment is to be worn in the following weeks of the procedure to allow proper and complete healing. Patients often experience mild pain or discomfort in the days following the procedure but can be mitigated with prescribed medication. Swelling and bruising might also be present but will heal or go away within a few days.

The results to this procedure are visible immediately and will continue to improve as the swelling subsides and scars mature. This procedure offers remarkable results helping patients to obtain the look they desire and the confidence they were lacking.


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