“Lucky” Be a Lady

30 Apr 2015

“Lucky” Be a Lady

Women and fashion go together like mommies and makeovers…

For that reasoning, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech has offered his expertise on how to “Fit in Your Boyfriend Jeans”.

  1. Boyfriend jeans are supposed to look and feel like the jeans a woman might borrow (or steal) from her boyfriend. They have a fairly relaxed fit, usually straight legs that may or may not be cuffed at the bottom, and they should look a bit big on the wearer.

Who knew there were non-invasive treatments available to help contour your waistline and mid-section so you look fabulous completing the edgy, tomboy chic style?

Fit in Your Boyfriend Jeans 

It is one thing to have trouble fitting into your favorite pair of chic skinny jeans, but when the ultra trendy, and seemingly loose fit of your boyfriend jeans becomes a tight squeeze, it is harder to justify the appeal of the style.


To Look Fab…

Find Your Right Level of Bagginess

Boyfriend Jeans vary in the amount of wear and tear, wash, frays, and bagginess. The secret again is your waist, your most womanly asset. Keep your boyfriend jeans more snug around your waist and roomier in the hips and thigh area in order to avoid a bunching, stumpy appearance. Since some styles are unstructured, they should be fitted enough to sit on your hips, but lose enough that you can slip right out of them, even if the zippers and buttons are done- hence boyfriends love this style as much as the ladies. Tips in contouring your mid-section will be most helpful.

It is preferred to match the jean with more tailored clothing to offset the bagginess and still maintain an outline and shape. The duality of the mismatch offers much needed edge to complete the ultimate glam look.

Dr. Steinbrech looks forward to helping you understand everything about coolsculpting and other non-invasive procedures for his NYC patients. To get started, please request a consultation by filling out the form to receive more information. Dr. Steinbrech will go over step by step techniques and treatment plans upon your assessment that will lead to your improved appearance and newly found confidence! No boyfriend or husband will be able to resist!


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