Female liposuction in NYC

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that improves the body’s contour by removing excess fat from deposits located between the skin and muscle. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech specializes in female liposuction in NYC for a mommy makeover. Moms who get a mommy makeover take advantage of liposuction to remove fat from their areas of the body including the waist, hips, thighs and back. Liposuction makes it easy to sculpt a wide range of areas to help your restore your pre-pregnancy figure back.

Body area liposuction procedures for females:

Problem areas for females can be treated with liposuction include:

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Face
  • Flanks
  • Inner Thighs
  • Legs Ankles
  • Neck
  • Outer Thighs

liposuction by dr steinbrechLiposuction is one of a plastic surgeon’s most vital tools. It is used in a variety of surgeries including tummy tucks and thigh lifts. Also known as liposculpture, the procedure removes unwanted fat from the body. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, liposuction was the fourth most common plastic surgery procedure in 2012 with over 200,000 performed. Dr. Steinbrech’s work and reputation in liposuction assures his female patients in NYC are in the best hands possible.


The female liposuction procedure in NYC for a mommy makeover will vary from patient to patient because techniques are based off many factors including the area of the body being tended to and the amount of fat in that region. Once these factors are noted, the basic procedure is relatively similar for all surgeries. A small incision is made and a tool known as a cannula is inserted. Think of the cannula as a small narrow vacuum, powerful enough to suck out all the fat. Dr. Steinbrech’s philosophy is to be as minimally invasive during surgery as possible and his cutting edge liposuction techniques follow that.

Post Surgery

Recovery from liposuction for women after a mommy makeover varies from patient to patient based on the aforementioned topics. Regardless of where the liposuction happened, recovery for our NYC female patients will typically take between two and six weeks. Movement is essential to avoid blood clots, but in moderation.

New mommies especially visit our clinic for liposuction. Fat accumulated during the pregnancy is not as easy to lose as it was to put on. Women come to Dr. Steinbrech feeling insecure and self-conscious and leave on cloud nine.

Our office, located in Manhattan, is open to all those women and moms who are  interested in liposuction. Don’t waste another moment. Get your pre-pregancy body back. Top voted plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, combines liposuction as part of a mommy makeover procedure for his female patients in NYC. For more information, please fill out the form on to schedule your consultation appointment today.