Dr. Steinbrech Featured on Examiner

31 Mar 2015

Dr. Steinbrech Featured on Examiner

NYC’s plastic surgeon perfects the ultimate mommy makeover package

New York City’s premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, is the leading innovator behind the ultimate Mommy Makeover. Due to his extensive training and work in the field, the Consumers’ Research Council has dubbed him as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Steinbrech uses revolutionary techniques with breast lifts, breast augmentation and liposuction to peel away the excess fat and sagging skin and reveal a woman’s beautiful pre-baby body after the miracle of life has taken place.

Mothers are often considered to be a superhuman entity. It isn’t until a woman becomes a mother herself that she is smacked with the reality that she isn’t just granted the superpowers which allow her to do everything, and be everything to everyone while still looking like her cute pre-baby self. Her nice tight body and perky breasts are traded for the immaculate child that lights up her life. Gym sessions have been replaced with mommy and me classes, fashionable clothes are swapped for sweats, and meals are replaced with eating the leftovers on their child’s plate. It can be challenging to look in the mirror and not recognize one’s self, but it is all worth it when she looks at this amazing little human that she brought into this world, right? Absolutely, but just because a woman becomes a mother doesn’t mean that she has to forget about herself and say goodbye to the person she was and looked like before. Motherhood is one giant circus and moms are the ringmasters, juggling all of the acts, including their own. Mothers need to consider taking the time and doing something for herself once and awhile. Pampering included.

Enter Mommy Makeovers. Mommy Makeover Packages are a combination of the set procedures designed to restore a woman’s figure after childbearing. By selecting the right surgeon to consult with on the proper treatments and techniques available for achieving optimal aesthetic results, a new mom can regain her confidence and feel as beautiful on the outside as she does on the inside. Dr. Steinbrech breaks down the procedures that collectively make up and define a “Mommy Makeover Manhattan”.

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