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6 May 2015

NYC Mommy’s Guide to a Summer Body

Summer is quickly approaching and soon you will find yourself planning a relaxing day on the beach with your children. If you have just given birth or you are a mom located in NYC that is ready for an improved look, the mommy makeover is something you will want to consider. There are a variety of procedures to choose from, such as tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, breast lift and breast reduction. Mommy makeover procedures will surely restore your post-baby body, get you ready for summer and reveal your inner self-confidence once more.


Tummy Tuck Surgery

During pregnancy, your skin is weakened and stretched out to accommodate your growing baby bump. Many mothers in NYC experience stretch marks and sagging skin that may become permanent. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes sagging skin and reshapes the waist and abdomen. The benefits of this procedure are a defined waistline, firm tummy and improved self-esteem. However, after only a few weeks you can resume your normal daily activities, including regular exercising. During the recovery period, bandages, dressings and compression garments are common. Your doctor will give you a recovery plan so you will know exactly when it is okay to resume physical activities during your recovery period.


Some pregnancies can leave difficult to manage pockets of fat and give the appearance of an undefined waistline. If you have been eating healthy and exercising only to find that the problem area doesn’t respond to your efforts, you may want to consider liposuction. This procedure involves the removal of resistant fat in the abdomen region, specifically along the waist, hips and surrounding areas. Liposuction procedures involve the injection of fluid into the treated area and the use of a small tube to remove the fat. Benefits you will receive from liposuction are quick results and a firmer, more toned appearance. Recovery time varies per patient and is determined by the intensity of the procedure. Usually patients are capable of returning to their regular schedules within a few weeks.

Breast Lift

Pregnancy can cause a woman’s nipples and breasts to sag. Many new mothers experience this and are often surprised. This situation can be solved with a breast lift. Mastopexy is a procedure that trims excess skin and tightens the supporting tissues. Benefits of this procedure include a firmer, youthful look. During the first few weeks of recovery, patients can expect to experience swelling, discomfort and bruising. Pain medication is commonly needed to reduce discomfort for the first week or longer. The doctor will provide instructions on how to care for dressings and bandages throughout the healing process.

Breast Reduction

During pregnancy breasts usually swell and become enlarged. Afterwards they gradually return to their normal size. Sometimes breasts can remain enlarged and cause discomfort as well as backaches. Breast reduction surgery will help breasts return to their natural shape and form. This procedure removes extra tissue, skin and fat from the breast and involves the repositioning of the nipple. Physical activity is limited for a few weeks after surgery. Patients may expect to have slight swelling or discomfort during recovery.

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is an experienced plastic surgeon in NYC that is certified by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. He takes pride in offering the “Mommy Makeover” to New York City mothers to help them restore their post-baby body and get you ready for the summer of 2015. Contact Dr. Steinbrech today at (212) 750-7100 to schedule a consultation.

30 Apr 2015

“Lucky” Be a Lady

Women and fashion go together like mommies and makeovers…

For that reasoning, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech has offered his expertise on how to “Fit in Your Boyfriend Jeans”.

  1. Boyfriend jeans are supposed to look and feel like the jeans a woman might borrow (or steal) from her boyfriend. They have a fairly relaxed fit, usually straight legs that may or may not be cuffed at the bottom, and they should look a bit big on the wearer.

Who knew there were non-invasive treatments available to help contour your waistline and mid-section so you look fabulous completing the edgy, tomboy chic style?

Fit in Your Boyfriend Jeans 

It is one thing to have trouble fitting into your favorite pair of chic skinny jeans, but when the ultra trendy, and seemingly loose fit of your boyfriend jeans becomes a tight squeeze, it is harder to justify the appeal of the style.


To Look Fab…

Find Your Right Level of Bagginess

Boyfriend Jeans vary in the amount of wear and tear, wash, frays, and bagginess. The secret again is your waist, your most womanly asset. Keep your boyfriend jeans more snug around your waist and roomier in the hips and thigh area in order to avoid a bunching, stumpy appearance. Since some styles are unstructured, they should be fitted enough to sit on your hips, but lose enough that you can slip right out of them, even if the zippers and buttons are done- hence boyfriends love this style as much as the ladies. Tips in contouring your mid-section will be most helpful.

It is preferred to match the jean with more tailored clothing to offset the bagginess and still maintain an outline and shape. The duality of the mismatch offers much needed edge to complete the ultimate glam look.

Dr. Steinbrech looks forward to helping you understand everything about coolsculpting and other non-invasive procedures for his NYC patients. To get started, please request a consultation by filling out the form to receive more information. Dr. Steinbrech will go over step by step techniques and treatment plans upon your assessment that will lead to your improved appearance and newly found confidence! No boyfriend or husband will be able to resist!


27 Apr 2015

Mom’s Summer Ready Beach Body in NYC

A beautiful beach body is the best thing to have when the hot weather hits and bikinis come out. Unfortunately for new moms, getting their pre-baby body back into bikini shape can be an endeavor that may prove to be too hard to do on their own. Between stretch marks, “jelly” belly, loose skin and other similar issues, just regular diet and exercise might not be enough to make it all better. The good news is that with the help of the right doctor, moms can have a bikini-ready body they’ll love by June!

If you’re wondering what a full mommy makeover can do, check out some of the most common procedures involved in it!

  • Tummy tucks allow you to get the taut, beautiful tummy you had pre-baby. Sick of the jelly belly effect? Tired of all that loose skin? A tummy tuck is the cure that you’re looking for. Tummy tucks focus on helping skin and muscle tone look (and feel) just as tight as your pre-baby body was. In some cases, tummy tucks can also remove the problem of “mommy bulges” that happen post-baby.
  • Breast lifts and implants can help you get your pre-baby bra size and shape back. Perky breasts that look just like how your own used to, can be achieved through the right procedures. If you’re stuck with saggy, droopy, oversized breasts, feel reassured about the fact that you don’t have to worry about that for too long if you decide to get a mommy makeover.
  • In rarer cases, mommy makeovers may include breast reduction. It’s true! Some women never have their breasts shrink after the breastfeeding stage. For some, it’s a blessing, but for others, it’s a curse. Large breasts may lead to ongoing back pain and other discomforts. Ladies who want to get their breasts reduced to their pre-baby size will love the results of a mommy makeover that includes a breast reduction.
  • Liposuction will give you a slimmer figure. Baby weight is notoriously hard to get rid of. In most cases, women who just had their little one often find that fat sticks a little harder around the hip area and stomach region. A little liposuction can go a long way when it comes to getting the right slender figure and losing fat in trouble zones.

While not every mom needs a tummy tuck to get a beach ready body, most new moms will find that a mommy makeover will boost their self-esteem, help them feel like themselves again, and also make it easier to prep for summer’s wardrobe demands. The sooner you book a consultation, the sooner you can get that beautiful swimsuit body you’ve been hoping for!

For more information on Dr. Douglas Steinbrech’s revolutionary Mommy Makeovers in NYC, please visit Dr. Steinbrech’s office is here to reveal the body that has been in hiding with a spa-like experience to pamper a Mommy like a queen that she is.

21 Apr 2015

Mommies on Buzzfeed in NYC

Shape Magazine is known for their after baby bounce back cover stories featuring the most flawless of Hollywood A-listers and beauty bombshells, and essentially leaving new moms feeling like the dirty diaper they just tossed in the genie. Instead of the standard, expected interview, Olivia gave us a dose of reality. After being paired up with the accredited writer, it was time to get real. Real, real.

“I am not in perfect shape. In fact, I’m softer than I’ve ever been, including that unfortunate semester in high school when I simultaneously discovered Krispy Kreme and pot,” she reveals. “The photos of me in this magazine have been generously constructed to show my best angles, and I assure you, good lighting has been warmly embraced. The truth is, I’m a mother, and I look like one.”

Read Interview on Buzzfeed: Olivia Wilde Is All About The RealTalk

Mothers across the U.S.A are rejoicing in her honesty. It is so difficult for women to see their cute, pre-baby self as a ghost of the past… and guilt immediately follows any large chunk of time that is dedicated to shaping back up for the sake of vanity or even confidence. Gym sessions have been replaced with mommy and me classes, fashionable clothes are swapped for sweats, and meals are replaced with eating the leftovers on their child’s plate. Moms often wonder, “Where did my perky breasts go? When did this flat tire take up residency of my waistline? ” It can also be a very psychological challenge on top of a physical obstacle for women to look in the mirror and not recognize themselves. Mothers cannot take on as much as they try to, especially entering this journey fresh.

This personal essay to new moms are helping to reinstate the ideals of womanly body image before and after motherhood. It is so much more about support and taking some time to consider yourself. Since mothers are often associated with the “mom jean -esque figure”, women feel pressure and loose hope. However, a mom who feels great will only add value and enrichment to her family’s life. Olivia Wilde has now offered a strong vocal message for women to stay positive. More and more moms are now redefining and reclaiming their bodies.

21 Apr 2015

To Tuck, Or Not To Tuck in NYC?


Tummy tucks are, without a doubt, one of the most popular procedures that new mothers request, and for good reason. New moms are often shocked at how their skin sags, how the shape of their bodies changed after a baby, and it can be overwhelming to see the drastic, often unsightly changes that take place during and after baby. In many cases, new moms are thrilled with their baby, but can’t stand to look in the mirror because of the flabbiness of their once-toned tummy.

The emotional impact of seeing those dramatic body changes can be great, and it’s one of the reasons why so many new moms scramble for gym passes and request information on special diets that are tailored to their needs. While diet and exercise can provide results for most moms, the truth of the matter is that many new moms still end up being frustrated by their tummies. It’s not uncommon for diet and exercise to be somewhat useless against stubborn fat from life as a new mom, nor is it uncommon for moms to have excess skin. When this happens, a tummy tuck is often the best way to get your pre-baby body back.

Though many new moms want a tummy tuck as soon as possible, tummy tucks are often most effective to women who have these characteristics.

  • They are close to their ideal weight. Tummy tucks can be done on women who are overweight, but that doesn’t mean it will look good. Being close to your ideal weight means that you will get a more natural and also more striking look.
  • You’re done having kids. This isn’t mandatory, but generally, if you have a tummy tuck then have yet another child, you’ll end up having to get a 2nd This in itself is not a bad thing as much as it is an inconvenience to the mom.
  • You have already tried “old school” weight loss techniques. Plastic surgery is still expensive and a risky endeavor. Make sure that you have tried to lose weight the old fashioned way. A tummy tuck is still no replacement for exercise.

A quick consultation with a good doctor and the right surgeon will be able to tell you whether or not a tummy tuck will be the best choice for you. If you are a good candidate for a tuck, you’ll then have to see whether an invasive tummy tuck or a body contouring procedure would be better. Either way, having the right procedure done will result in you being able to flaunt a taut tummy without having to feel embarrassed or afraid anymore.

Unsurprisingly, spring is the most common season when tummy tuck consultations are scheduled – and understandably so. With summer and the warmer months of spring just around the corner, it’s absolutely crucial to ensure that you get your tummy tuck before it’s time to bare your midriff. Most tummy tucks need to be scheduled weeks or even months in advance, which is why it’s so important to call a licensed plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Tummy Tuck Consultations in NYC

Dr. Steinbrech looks forward to helping you understand everything about the Tummy Tuck procedure for his NYC patients. To get started, please request a consultation by filling out the form to receive more information. Dr. Steinbrech will go over step by step techniques and treatment plans upon your assessment that will lead to your improved appearance and newly found confidence.

31 Mar 2015

Dr. Steinbrech Featured on Examiner

NYC’s plastic surgeon perfects the ultimate mommy makeover package

New York City’s premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, is the leading innovator behind the ultimate Mommy Makeover. Due to his extensive training and work in the field, the Consumers’ Research Council has dubbed him as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Steinbrech uses revolutionary techniques with breast lifts, breast augmentation and liposuction to peel away the excess fat and sagging skin and reveal a woman’s beautiful pre-baby body after the miracle of life has taken place.

Mothers are often considered to be a superhuman entity. It isn’t until a woman becomes a mother herself that she is smacked with the reality that she isn’t just granted the superpowers which allow her to do everything, and be everything to everyone while still looking like her cute pre-baby self. Her nice tight body and perky breasts are traded for the immaculate child that lights up her life. Gym sessions have been replaced with mommy and me classes, fashionable clothes are swapped for sweats, and meals are replaced with eating the leftovers on their child’s plate. It can be challenging to look in the mirror and not recognize one’s self, but it is all worth it when she looks at this amazing little human that she brought into this world, right? Absolutely, but just because a woman becomes a mother doesn’t mean that she has to forget about herself and say goodbye to the person she was and looked like before. Motherhood is one giant circus and moms are the ringmasters, juggling all of the acts, including their own. Mothers need to consider taking the time and doing something for herself once and awhile. Pampering included.

Enter Mommy Makeovers. Mommy Makeover Packages are a combination of the set procedures designed to restore a woman’s figure after childbearing. By selecting the right surgeon to consult with on the proper treatments and techniques available for achieving optimal aesthetic results, a new mom can regain her confidence and feel as beautiful on the outside as she does on the inside. Dr. Steinbrech breaks down the procedures that collectively make up and define a “Mommy Makeover Manhattan”.

Read on…

30 Mar 2015

As seen in The Washington Times

Our very own,Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is one of Manhattan’s best plastic surgeons and he is recognized in various media sources for his experience. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, under the American Board of Medical Specialties. Mommy Makeover Manhattan was built on the philosophy to perform minimally invasive techniques on all patients in both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Dr. Steinbrech received top-notch training over an eight-year period at New York University in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. Due to his extensive training and work in the field, the Consumers’ Research Council has dubbed him as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons. He is cited in The Washington Times for his expertise on the current trends in cosmetic surgery, now including career driven males…

‘Dramatic’ increase: Plastic surgery for men up by 43 percent as they compete in the job market…


“It’s not so much vanity as it is good business. The America Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery not reveals that Americans spent over #12 billion on assorted procedures in 2014. One sector is on the increase. “More men are turning to aesthetic cosmetic procedures, with dramatic increases seen in both surgical and nonsurgical options over the past 5 years and a 43 percent increase overall,” the organization stated…

“These men are at the top of their career and they feel young and confident, but they’re worries they don’t look it,” Dr. Steinbrech told the publication. “I tell these men I want to leave a little bit of wrinkles- since wrinkles are sexy and trustworthy- and I give them what I call the Forbes Facelift.”

Read on…


23 Mar 2015

Check Out The Breakdown




What is a Mommy Makeover? Check out the Slideshare breaking it down from our resident expert, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech here!

Board certified NYC surgeon Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, presents all of the information about a mommy makeover procedure in the presentation. Mommy Makeover is a surgery or surgeries that help a woman look and feel more like they did prior to their pregnancy to help regain their pre-baby body back. Mommy makeover procedures usually consist of a tummy tuck and some kind of breast surgery. To learn more about the mommy makeover procedure in New York area, please visit:

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19 Mar 2015

New Celebrity Moms in 2015

Who in Hollywood will be part of the new celebrity moms in 2015 this year? Check out our round-up of A-Listers sporting baby bumps. Women are hard on themselves, especially new mothers. Women often times compare themselves to the leading A-list, female celebrities who are starting their new journey into motherhood.

These celebrities seem to have it all. Love, marriage, support, career, beautiful children, and a killer bod?

How is this all possible?

Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, and Eva Mendes are prime examples of just a few of the moms who have defied the laws of science and claimed their old figures back in under three months flat!


List of new celebrity moms who gave birth in 2015:

There are plenty of celebrities who welcomed little bundles of joy in 2015, but no one would ever be able to tell. Do you think they did it alone? Why should you? Here are A-Listers who became moms this year:

  •  Megan Fox
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Kerri Washington
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Ciara

Well now the pressure is on.

Are new mom’s inspired by their quick bounce back? Or jealous?

Perhaps, a little of both.

No need to be. Not anymore. Every new mom needs help in one way or another. New moms have a hard enough time trying to squeeze in those necessary workouts and healthy meal prep which promotes the last bit of weight loss after pregnancy. If a woman does not feel like she looks her best, it will translate in her mood and her ability to keep a positive attitude at a time where she needs as much energy and love as possible.

Dr. Steinbrech has created as the ultimate resource and guide for new moms of the NYC and tri-state area to reclaim their bodies and regain their confidence.

Using revolutionary techniques for the most commonly requested procedures, Mommy Makeovers package breast lifts, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and/or liposuction to reveal your beautiful pre-baby body underneath and achieve personalized and success desired results. By peeling away the excess fat or sagging skin by customizing a treatment plan right for the individuals, mothers will experience an ultimate and exclusive makeover.

The Mommy Makeover office, located in Manhattan, isn’t just a surgery facility designed to give mom’s back the body they lost. It is a full-on, almost spa-like atmosphere. Mommy Makeover Manhattan’s concierge service will provide women with the care they deserve and treat new mommies like the queens they are. Pampering included.

The Mommy Makeover treatment plan was designed to take less time out of a new mom’s busy and sometimes hectic life. The Mommy Makeover is a collective package of invasive or mildly invasive procedures where Dr. Steinbrech performs various procedures all in one surgical session.

It’s safe, easy, with little downtime, and allows moms to reconnect and rejuvenate their pre-baby body without the weeks of recovery time in which no new mom has. By consulting with Dr. Steinbrech’s expertise, he is offering an effective solution for fast and optimal results. The main benefit to the Mommy Makeover is you are able to avoid multiple procedures spread out, multiple anesthesia, minimal recovery, and a much lower cost because of this one time revamp.

Bottom line is every new mom needs help! Dr. Steinbrech is here to assist you in beginning a new chapter with your best foot forward and in this case, your best tummy, breasts, and legs and thighs, too!

To find out more information about Mommy Makeovers in New York please visit or call the office at (212) – 750-7100.

About Dr. Steinbrech

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is one of Manhattan’s best plastic surgeons. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, under the American Board of Medical Specialties. Mommy Makeover Manhattan was built on the philosophy to perform minimally invasive techniques on all patients in both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Dr. Steinbrech received top-notch training over an eight-year period at New York University in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. Due to his extensive training and work in the field, the Consumers’ Research Council has dubbed him as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons.

Disclaimer: We are not saying the above celebrities underwent Mommy Makeovers, however we’re sure they had more help and support than the average new mom. Meal preps, personal trainers, investing long man hours in the gym, and other additional resources.

27 Feb 2015

Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures in NYC: As seen on…

As seen on…

Ranker List brought us the Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures for Mommy Makeovers in NYC.

Dr. Steinbrech lent his expertise for developing this infographic to help breakdown the cosmetic procedures that women seek to resolve their on going aesthetic issues and achieve their desired appearance.

  We encourage individuals to explore information for each procedure as well as packaged together for optimal results. To find out more information on our techniques and treatment plans please feel free to contact us.