Battle of The Summer Bash Bulge in NYC

2 Jul 2015

Battle of The Summer Bash Bulge in NYC

Fourth of July represents our nation’s independence- but unfortunately, a mommy’s mid-section is never independent from those stubborn love handles! While right in the middle of those sexy beach days and the long awaited crop top season, Fourth of July can definitely make new mommies uncomfortable and insecure about their post baby bods. Let’s face it, while being a mommy is a joy, your body just isn’t quite like it used to be. That flat tummy is just a bit bulgier and those extra pounds seem to have gone to all the wrong places. Along with the extra fat here, comes the dreaded stretch marks and loose skin you can’t really seem to get rid of, no matter how hard you try. With barbeques, sunny afternoons, and those beach firework shows- fun for the whole family, the attention that a mommy’s mid-section brings isn’t always the good kind. No new mom wants to feel insecure when she is trying to enjoy summer family time!

If you’re anything like most new moms, dieting just isn’t your thing. Busy moms simply do not have the time to invest in dieting. They’re long term and really hard to stick to.

-And to be honest, they don’t fix all of those mommy body problems that may lead to a lack of self-confidence. Dieting won’t get rid of the loose skin and exercising certainly won’t erase those pesky stretch marks. Even when putting in the work, women often plateau. Let’s not forget those saggy breasts that have lost their perkiness post-pregnancy! Fortunately, there are so many other options out there that can give a quick fix for those mommy misfortunes! The only real and realistic solution to these problems would be surgery. Don’t worry, it’s not the gory surgery you see when you flip through the TV channels! Procedures to fix post-pregnancy “trouble areas” are performed just beneath the skin. These are some procedures that would give mommy her perfect summer post Fourth of July and post-baby body!

Liposuction is by far the best solution to get rid of unwanted body fat. After pregnancy, the body tends to develop pockets of fat that are incredibly difficult to get rid of naturally. These pockets of fat oftentimes sculpt the waistline into an undesirable shape and leave other body parts like the arms, tummy and thighs looking anything but toned and sexy. Because naturally losing weight will not completely get rid of this extra fat, liposuction is definitely the secret tool for restoring (or even improving!) mommy’s original beautiful beach body.

Let’s talk about the post-pregnancy mommy boobies! After pregnancy, two things can happen to a woman’s breasts; the breasts may droop and sag when shrinking to their original size, or they can stay big, which is oftentimes uncomfortable and undesirable for the mom. Either way, a Breast Augmentation can be performed to correct this issue. For women who wish to have perkier breasts again, they can opt to receive a breast lift, which will restore the perkiness and firmness. Likewise, a breast reduction can be performed to reduce the size of the breasts so that is fits with the rest of the body more seamlessly. Moms can now feel comfortable and confident when wearing that super cute bikini top to the beach or that sexy low-cut maxi dress at the summer barbeque!

The body part that takes the biggest hit during pregnancy is definitely the tummy. After supporting a baby for nine months, mommy’s midsection has been through it all- bulges, ripples, and sagging (the triple threat at any Fourth of July party)! Tummy Tucks can correct that triple threat. While smoothing out the skin, it also tightens up the abdominal muscles that got weakened after pregnancy. So show off that firm tummy and defined waistline, you deserve it!

Getting all of these procedures done individually seems very overwhelming at first glance. Fortunately for the millions of mommies out there looking to get their perfect beach body back, Dr. Steinbrech offers an incredible procedural package he coined “Mommy Makeover”! Dr. Steinbrech created this package as a combination to restore the beauty to the areas affected most by pregnancy while boosting a needed dose of self-confidence. Mommy Makeover procedures include all (or a combination of) liposuction, breast lift, breast reduction, and a tummy tuck. Dr. Steinbrech designed Mommy Makeover to be physically safe and be as minimally invasive as possible with a mission to help women in reclaiming victory over the battle of the bulge.

Mommy Makeovers are a top contender for toned, youthful summer-ready bodies to carry you through all seasons.

This summer, it’s time to love yourself endlessly too. Raise your esteem, say goodbye to insecurity, and restore your body to its former glory days. Strut to that family’s Fourth of July barbeque and let yourself radiate. Go to the beach and let all the eyes be on you. Be happy in your own skin Mommies, with a luxurious and pampered Mommy Makeover.

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