3 Reasons You Should Get a Mommy Makeover

30 Jun 2014

3 Reasons You Should Get a Mommy Makeover


Pregnancy is a very special and memorable experience in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, it can be hard on your body, causing you to not feel or look like your old self after your baby is born. Even with diet and exercise, it can be difficult to return to your pre-pregnancy shape. You may experience breast sag, or excess skin near your abdomen. The Mommy Makeover procedure is a combination of surgeries that can help you to restore your body post-pregnancy. Most women who undergo the Mommy Makeover experience the following:

  • Confidence boost. Pregnancy can do a number to your pre-pregnancy body. Post-pregnancy you have sagging breasts, excess skin from where the abdomen was stretched, gained weight, etc. Even with diet and exercise, you may struggle to lose the excess weight. Women who undergo the Mommy Makeover are very happy with the results, and therefore gain their confidence back. It can be emotionally hard on women to go from looking fit to throwing a fit because you lost your pre-pregnancy body.
  • Fit into pre-pregnancy clothes. You used to be size A and now you’re size B. Insert an array of numbers. It happens to nearly every woman who undergoes pregnancy. Some women are able to lose the weight post-pregnancy, and others struggle. Every woman’s body is different. If you’re one of the women who just can’t lose the weight, no matter how much you diet or exercise, Mommy Makeover can help you to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes.
  • Improved intimacy. When your confidence is down, you’re intimacy can be too. You may feel as though you don’t want your man to even look at you naked (even though he will love you no matter what). With a Mommy Makeover, many women experience a boost in confidence, and therefore improved intimacy.

You don’t have to wish you had your pre-pregnancy body back. With a Mommy Makeover you can slim down, improve your confidence, and your intimacy. Also, you can enjoy your time with your family, without worrying another second about how you look.

For more information, visit our page on Mommy Makeovers.

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